The Future of Brookfield

Brookfield’s Future
The strategic vision of the City manifests itself in many ways – taking steps to maintain safe and stable neighborhoods, revitalization of business districts, preservation of environmental corridors, repair of roadways, building of new or improved recreational facilities, or the marketing of the community within and outside the state. Within this section you will find information on these areas and many others contained in documents that define this City’s long term vision. We hope these plans, policies, and reports will be useful to you while you live, work, invest, and play in the City of Brookfield.

2035 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Brookfield 2035 Comprehensive Plan guides physical change and decision-making over the next 10 to 25 years to achieve the City’s future vision. Brookfield’s 2035 Vision, articulated in the separate Community Vision Report, reads as follows: “Located in the heart of southeastern Wisconsin, the City of Brookfield is a community of choice for families and businesses and a premier sustainable place to live, work, shop, and play.”

The Plan is presented through several chapters, incrementally laid out to communicate and elaborate upon additional guiding principles of the City’s 2035 Vision. This organization by plan principle reinforces the linkage between the City’s 2035 Vision and the interrelated approaches to realize that Vision. See the following link to the plan:

City of Brookfield 2035 Comprehensive Plan 
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Comprehensive Plan Implementation Priorities and Goals and Objectives
Each two years, when a new Common Council is sworn in, the Council adopts a set of short-term priorities to guide City departments in the provision of City services for the succeeding two-year period. These priorities are called “short-term focus initiatives” and may be affiliated with ongoing major implementation activities currently underway or new or refined specific projects or efforts. All of the initiatives are listed in an accompanying document that indicates which guiding principle of the City of Brookfield 2035 Comprehensive Plan the initiative would implement. See the following link to the Council’s’ document:

Comprehensive Plan Implementation Priorities and Goals and Objectives

Neighborhood Plans (Targeted Investment Area Plans)
In accordance with the City of Brookfield 2035 Comprehensive Plan, the City will strategically concentrate commercial and industrial development, multiple-family residential developments of a denser form and redevelopment within the City’s ten identified Targeted Investment Areas (TIAs). Specifically, reinvestment within these commercial and industrial neighborhoods, often in the form of mixed-use development, will follow land use and transportation policies that the City has identified for these TIAs. Reinvestment will generate vitality and value within the TIAs, nearby neighborhoods, and the City as a whole, particularly as current buildings age and market demands shift. See the following link for the City’s TIA plans for details:

Neighborhood Plans for Targeted Investment Areas