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7/18/17:  Common Council Packet 7/18/17: Common Council Packet
Joseph Nieber special exception, Caddis Acquisition, Hawkeye Hotels, budget amendment, proceeds from sale of 1000 S. Moorland Rd to CDA special revenue fund, information technology server hardware and software, liquor licenses, Pilgrim Road Bike Path Project BP-17-02, rejecting bids for the Capitol Drive Water Main Project W-17-03
7/11/17:  Joint Common Council and Community Development Authority 7/11/17: Joint Common Council and Community Development Authority
Fiserv, Closed Session, Gruen Gruen & Associates, Deer Creek, Irgens, Tax Increment District No. 7, Tax Increment District No. 5, Community Development Authority
6/20/17:  Common Council Packet 6/20/17: Common Council Packet
Public Hearing Caddis Memory Care/Assisted Living, Petawa Residence and Cultural Center, Lilly Crossing, The Corridor, Hill Park Subdivision, Brookfield Lutheran Church, BLR Inc, budget amendments, police squad equipment an related services, Firefighters grant from FEMA, Policies, inscribement of the name on the civic plaza memorial, renewal alcohol licenses, Elm Grove Road Pathway Project BP-17-01, Easements, Pilgrim Parkway Pathway Project BP-17-02, Compliance Maintenance Annual report, Dedication of Public Facilities, Ken Blaedow, Sale of 1000 S. Moorland Road, Early Access Agreement of Sears Tire and Battery, Special Joint Session
6/6/17:  Common Council Packet 6/6/17: Common Council Packet
Professional Services Agreement with Hammel Green and Abrahamson for due diligence consulting services; Budget Amendment of funding conference center due diligence consulting services, bartender licenses, Renewal alcohol licenses; commending Richard Pfeiffer
5/23/17:  Common Council Packet 5/23/17: Common Council Packet
General Obligation Corporate Bonds; Financial Policy regarding budget development; Solid Waste and Recycling Collection and Disposal Policy; Hampton-Lilly Water Main Project #W-17-0; Perpetual Water Main Easement for 14935 Woodbridge Road and 14945 Woodbridge Road; Televise Sanitary Sewers and Laterals Project SA-17-01; Standby Generator and Controls Upgrade WPC Project #WW-16-01; State Municipal Agreement with Wisconsin Dept of Transportation for improvements to Calhoun Road from North Avenue to Capitol Drive Revision #1, Bartender Licenses, Fireworks Permit for July 4th; Renewal Class B Beer and Class C Wine licenses; Renewal Class A Beer and Liquor licenses; Renewal Class B Beer and Liquor licenses; Renewal Reserve Class B Beer and Liquor licenses, Update on possible City efforts to retain the headquarters of Fiserv in the City of Brookfield (Closed Session)
5/2/17:  Common Council Packet 5/2/17: Common Council Packet
Congregational Home, 13900 W. Burleigh Rd., Hulbert Piano Repair and Service, 12555 Wirth Street, Corporation for Social and Education Development, 16830 W. North Ave., Joseph Niebler, 19745 W. Gebhardt Rd., NFI Properties, Shire Addition No. 2, Public Depositories, Broker/Dealers, Village of Elm Grove for assessment services, budget amendment to fund traffic signal improvements, Bartender licenses, Temporary Class B Beer license, financial aid for the Hidden Lake Park to the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Ordinance repealing and recreating Chapter 5.24 Intoxicating Liquor and Fermented Malt Beverages
4/18/17:  Common Council Packet 4/18/17: Common Council Packet
Wimmer Communities Brookfield Hills Golf Course floodplain revision, Asbjorn Moorland 1000 S. Moorland Rd., Caddis Acquisition, 16050 and 16100 W. Greenfield Ave., Amendments to the Capital Improvement Budget, General Obligation Bonds, Bartender Licenses, Temporary Class B Licenses for St. John Vianney and St. Dominic Parish, Agreement with Zimmerman Architectural Studios for Fire Station No. 1, Highway Statistics Report, Option to purchase land from City of Pewaukee, Woodbridge Water Main Project W-17-02, Hampton-Lilly Water Main Project W-17-01, Sanitary Sewer Lateral Lining Project SA-16-01 18505 W. Burleigh Rd., Municipal Utility Easement Deer Creek Medical Partners, Commending Mark Simon, Budget amendment to purchase land from City of Pewaukee, Resolution of Necessity for possible acquisition of land for the Brookfield Conference Center
4/4/17:  Common Council Packet 4/4/17: Common Council Packet
Claim of Charles Oleson, Resolution budget amendment to the health insurance fund, budget amendment to the capital improvement fund, municipal agreement to purchase sodium chloride (road salt) with Dept of Transportation, Bartender licenses, Class A Combination Beer and liquor license for Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Mayor's Reappointments Michael Post and Monica Reiderer, Proclamation for Arbor Day
3/21/17:  Common Council Packet 3/21/17: Common Council Packet
Public Hearing Wimmer Communities Brookfield Hills Golf Course The Linx, Brook Falls Discount Wine and Spirits, Dabble Investments, St. John Vianney Catholic Church and School 1755 N. Calhoun Rd., Milwaukee Tool Corporation 13105 W. Lisbon Rd., David Tomter 17065 and 17135 W. Capitol Dr., Unity Christian Church Christ the King Campus 4600 Pilgrim Rd., Neumann Companies Lilly Crossing, Vouchers, Claim of David McKnight, budget amendments to adjust budgeted health and other insurance costs, green infrastructure grant from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Pilgrim Parkway path project, Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Bartender licenses, Renewal Class B Beer license Brookfield Jaycees, Original Class B Beer and Liquor license Stir Crazy 15795 W. Bluemound Rd., Temporary Class B Beer Licenses St. Dominic Catholic Church, Resolution of Necessity for open space preservation 1066-994 and 1066-995, 2017 Road Resurfacing Project #R-17-01, 2017 Curb and Gutter and Inlet Repair Project #R-17-02, Preliminary Resolution Woodbridge Water Main Project #W-17-02, Clean Digester 2 at the FRWPCC with United Liquid Waste Recycling, Paint Digester 2 at the FRWPCC with Midwest General and Mechanical Contractors, contract with Short Elliott Hendrickson for the Capitol Drive Water Main Rehabilitation Project #W-17-03, Conference Center, hotel room taxes
3/7/17:  Common Council Packet 3/7/17: Common Council Packet
Vouchers, Resolution rescinding 2016/17 property taxes on personal property tax accounts 11346 and 11559, Resolution budget amendment for funding personal property tax refund, bartender licenses, Renewal Class B Beer license Brookfield Bulldogs/Blue Sox Baseball Club
2/21/17:  Common Council Packet 2/21/17: Common Council Packet
Ground Round, Norhardt Crossing, All Bout Children, 17700 W. Capitol Dr., Deer Creek, The Corridor Flex Site, CBL and Associates Brookfield Square Mall, Milwaukee Tool Corporation, Wimmer Communities, Brookfield Hills Golf Course, Residence Inn, The Lynx, CenterPoint Integrated Solutions, Floor Décor, DXD LLC, Zoning Code Parking Decks, Vouchers, Computer Replacement fund budget amendment, Wastewater Utility fund budget amendment, Waukesha County Sheriff's Office Civil Disturbance Unit Memorandum of Understanding, Bartender licenses, Temporary Class B Beer and Wine license Immanuel Lutheran Church, alcohol regulations quotas, Dedication of Public Facilities The Corridor, Agreement with Sanitary District #4 Town of Brookfield sewer capacity, Mayor's Appointments and Reappointments
2/7/17:  Common Council Packet 2/7/17: Common Council Packet
Waukesha County Center for Growth in support of economic development activities, Wastewater Utility for approval of biosolids hauling contract with Veolia Environmental, Police Department to purchase five replacement and one new squad from Ewald Automotive, 2017 Vehicle/Equipment Replacement Fund budget, bartender licenses, Temporary Class B Beer license for Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce Business After 5, Change of Agent for Pick 'N Save, Briefing on the preliminary budget, financial model, and hotel partnership including a Request for Proposal, land and building acquisition and tentative calendar for the acquisition of property to construct a proposed conference center
1/17/17:  Common Council Packet 1/17/17: Common Council Packet
Brookfield Square, parking garage, parking lot, CBL and Associates, 115 S. Moorland Rd., St. John Vianney Catholic Church and School, 1755 N. Calhoun Rd., budget amendment for patrol trucks, purchase upfits, fuel purchases, library material purchases, claims of Laura Pauly, Georgianna Sturm, Bartender licenses, Change of Agent for Stir Crazy, Temporary Class B Beer and Wine license for St. Luke Congregation, Resolution Wirth Park South Waukesha County de minimis impact for WisDOT North Avenue Reconstruction project, easements, JEA Senior Living, 4065 N. Calhoun Rd., AT&T, 13595 W. Burleigh Road, Ordinance backflow prevention inspection of nonresidential properties, Mayor's Reappointments to the Parks & Recreation Commission, Lynnette Chucka, Stanley Kucharski, International Migratory Bird Day, Agreement with RA Smith National for Calhoun Road improvements
12/20/16:  Common Council Packet 12/20/16: Common Council Packet
Sharon Lynne Wilson Center, All Bout Children, Brookfield RE, Shecterle Commercial, David Tomter, Neumann Companies, Sign Code, Vouchers, budget amendment, legal services, agreement for emergency medical services billing Lifeline Billing Systems or LifeQuest, Water Utility, Badger Meter, Energenecs, Martelle Water Treatment, Bartender licenses, Solid Waste and Recycling Collection and Disposal Policy, trailers, Lighted Pedestrian Crossing Sign Policy, vacating easement Plaza 173, Dedication of Public Facilities for Elmbrook Estates, Option Assessment Connection Policy, vacating easement at Schramka Funeral Home, billing of Poplar Creek Deer Creek Sanitary Sewer interceptor maintenance costs closed session
12/6/16:  Common Council Packets 12/6/16: Common Council Packets
Ordinance ambulance fees, Resolution Village of Elm Grove assessment services, City prosecutor services with E. Joseph Kershek, network infrastructure replacement to CDW-G, Fleet Services Division, truck chassis, Lakeside International, ToolCat tractors from Bobcat Plus, Bartender Licenses, Vouchers, loopholes tax burden to shift from commercial to residential.
11/15/16:  Common Council Packet 11/15/16: Common Council Packet
Wimmer, Residence Inn, Linx, Deer Creek, Certified Survey Map, The Corridor, flex site, PDD Specific Plan, naming of park, Hidden Lakes, governmental accounting standards, BMO Harris Bank, Stop Loss Insurance, Voya, Bartender Licenses, Temporary Class B Beer and Wine German Holiday Market, Original Class B Combination Beer & Liquor license, TGI Fridays, Class A Combination Beer & Liquor license, Total Wine & Spirits Beer & More, 17300 W Bluemound Rd, 17430 W. Bluemound Rd., Offer-to-Purchase, Fire Station #3, 1000 S. Moorland Rd., Dedication of Public Facilities, Premier Gateway office, 3120 Gateway Road, Preserve at Chapel Hill, Ralph Horner, schedule calendar of meetings, Ordinance, budget, property taxes, positions
11/1/16:  Common Council Packet (backup items not needed) 11/1/16: Common Council Packet (backup items not needed)
Bartender licenses, Vouchers
10/18/16:  Common Council Packet 10/18/16: Common Council Packet
10/4/16:  Common Council Packet 10/4/16: Common Council Packet
Elmbrook Humane Society, Assistance to Firefighters grant, Federal Emergency Management Agency, CAMA software , Assessment Technologies of Wisconsin, budget amendment, bartender licenses, Total Wine Spirits Beer & Wine, Public Works Building Roof Replacement Project, Mayor's Appointments and Reappointments
9/20/16:  Common Council Packet 9/20/16: Common Council Packet
9/6/16:  Common Council Packet 9/6/16: Common Council Packet
Brookfield East High School, Color Fun Run, Convention and Visitors Bureau, personal property taxes, bartender licenses, fireworks user permit, Brookfield Central High School, Dental Insurance, Delta Dental, Salaries, Mitchell Park, ArtsPark, Sharon Lynne Wilson Center
8/16/16:  Common Council Packet 8/16/16: Common Council Packet
6/21/16:  Common Council Packet (pdf) 6/21/16: Common Council Packet (pdf)
6/7/16:  Common Council Packet 6/7/16: Common Council Packet
3/1/16:  Packet 3/1/16: Packet
11/17/15:  Packet 11/17/15: Packet
11/3/15:  Packet 11/3/15: Packet
2/3/15: Packet 2/3/15: Packet